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Mezonit is a brand studio based in Prague

We mention this fact deliberately. The eleven-century long history of the city, influenced by all European nations and historical styles, is strongly inscribed in our work.

We create strategies and communications for brands that have the ambition to be successful in the long term and to cultivate their industry.


Therefore, at the beginning of every collaboration, there is an analysis of the current situation followed by the selection of the appropriate creative approach. This results in a tailor-made communication line that we bring to life in collaboration with the client's team or on our own.

Thanks to our passion for an exceptional customer experience, our sensitive blending of the everyday with the extraordinary and our ability to translate projects into practical outcomes, our services are used mainly by boutique brands from the gastronomy, hospitality, design and premium services sectors.

The founders of the studio are former brand managers and strategists Filip Šimoník and Zuzana Vyhnánková, who previously worked under the Kiduo brand. Our team consists of experts in social media, copywriting, production, graphic design and photography.

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